11th Floor St James’ Hall Chambers endeavours to offer two readership positions each year, one at the May intake and one in the September intake.

Accommodation is provided for the first 12 months of readership. Subject to availability of accommodation, a reader will typically be offered accommodation for a further period at the conclusion of their readership year. The Clerk can be contacted for further details about accommodation and expenses.

Our Chambers takes an active interest in the development of its readers’ practice at the Bar, and accordingly it is a requirement of that a reader appoints a member of our Chambers as their primary tutor. Our Clerk is able to provide the names of suitable members available to act as tutor.

Applications for readership are typically submitted at least 12 months in advance of the applicant’s proposed commencement date at the Bar. Applications enclosing a cover letter, CV, and academic transcript should be sent to the Clerk. Prospective applicants are welcome to contact the Clerk to discuss readership at our Chambers in further detail.

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